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Epona DMSforLegal and DMSforSharePoint is the fastest growing 3rd Party software solution for the SharePoint Platform.

Epona Solutions are designed to work with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SP Online (Office 365).

Our solutions integrate Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 with SharePoint on premises or in the cloud.

Users of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint can now fully integrate with SharePoint gaining the myriad of benefits that come from that integration, without ever changing their work habits.

E-Mail Management

Typically 80% of all knowledge workers content is e-mail.  Managing the volumes of e-mail a single user has may be the single most important capability a Document Management System must do.


Using DMSforLegal E-Mail management capabilities, a user can select a folder in their Outlook Inbox and synchronize it with the DMS ensuring that all the e-mails and attachments are safe and searchable.  Moreover, with DMSforLegal’s send and file capability, when sending an e-mail a copy of that e-mail is automatically saved in the DMS, and what’s more is when the reply comes in, it will automatically be saved in the DMS as well!  Add these capabilities to a drop down tool bar that allows users to individually or multi-select e-mails (including attachments) and save them to the DMS.


Effective search requires that a user can find any work product by whatever knowledge they possess about that content. It also requires that users that know nothing about the content can find it as easily.


Search is the most important aspect of any DMS.  Can you find the document or e-mail you are looking for by searching for the “content” within it?  How about utilizing when the document was created, or the author, or the client it was for, or even notes that were not part of the document?  The answer to all of these questions is “YES”.  With DMSforLegal and SharePoint, search can be configured to be as robust or as simple as any enterprise would want.

Document Management

Document Management must provide a user with robust knowledge about the work content in the system.  SharePoint can provide as much, or as little as any enterprise may require.


True document management includes the ability to control versions, make notes on versions, document id application, and more.  It also automatically adds relevant metadata such as author, date created, date edited, matter type, client code, and much more.  With DMSforLegal and SharePoint all of this is standard and is fully customizable to meet any company or firms needs.

Matter Center Ready

The Matter Center is the newest solution provided by Microsoft to bring robust Document Management to SharePoint Online (Office 365) environment.  DMSforLegal is fully integrated.


Epona DMSforLegal adds additional capabilities to Microsoft Matter Center which provides law firms and corporate legal departments additional flexibility to their DMS configuration in SharePoint Online (Office365).  By combining both products full DMS capability plus mobile integration, additional E-Mail management capabilities and more make choosing Epona with Microsoft an excellent decision.